Compact and Economic Bottle to Bottle Engineering Design and Fabrication
BtoB process of PET bottle recycling industry is long supplied by European and US enterprises exclusively.
High investment and large-scale production capacity form an entering threshold for small and medium enterprises to be involved.
Based on 25 years’ professional experience of PET bottle washing, recycling equipment fabrication and turnkey project engineering, BoReTech integrate a complete economic BtoB facility which includes PET bottle washing, pelletizing and SSP by joining hands with well-known equipment suppliers in Asia.
It is aimed at the small and medium-size enterprises which have no polyester polymerization plant in their countries to afford this investment.
BtoB is the only way to sustainably recycle PET bottles in infinite loop.

Product Feature
  • Especially suitable for small and medium enterprises in the third world countries which has no polymerization facility. 
  • Non-food contact bottle blowing enterprise. 
  • High I.V. chip downstream users
  • Stable performance, economic investment and high C/P value.
  • All spare parts supplied from Asia to keep maintenance cost inexpensive.
  • Long-term experience and quality control method of washing line will provide excellent and stable quality of PET flakes for continuous and stabilized feeding of pelletizing and SSP.
  • IAS (Integrated Automation Solution) system provides effective combination of online sewage management, water circulation and implements remote monitoring, production automation and prevents human error.
  • Energy-saving and environmental-friendly: reuse heat energy from pelletizing and SSP in washing process

  • 1000 KG / H Output for SSP 
  • 2000 KG / H Input for Washing Line

Main Process Introduction
  • Main Process Introduction

Washing Line
  • De-baling – Dry Trommel - Iron Belt Separator – Label remover Unit – Bottle Pre-washing – Automatic Sorting (Optional) – Label Scrapping - Crushing – Drying – Floating – Hot washing& Turbo washing- Rinsing- Zig zag Separator– Eddy Current (Optional)

  • Blending – Analysis – Pre-heating- Drying- Extruding-Cooling- Granulating

  • Pre-crystallizing- Pre-heating& reacting- Nitrogen Purificating

Estimated Plant Parameters

Item/Category Washing Line Pelletizing Line SSP
Installation Power 530 570 470
Required Area 2000 360+120 underground 500
Cooling Water 0 20 30
Chilling Water 0 0 15
Steam Consumption 1000 0 0
Compressed Air 10 10 10
Nitrogen Consumption 0 10 80

Average Consumption

Item/Category Washing Line Pelletizing Line SSP
Water 1.5 0.2 0.3
Electricity 120 ~ 180 260 ~ 350 180 ~ 230
Steam 600 0 0
Nitrogen Consumption 0 6 40 ~ 60
Manpower 9 2 2